BioComb Roof Cleaner

Efficiently removes dirt and the growth of microorganisms.

1 l IM202202
5 l IM202203

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BioComb Facade Cleaner Plus

Kills microbial growth and cleans the façade from dirt.

1 l IM202205
5 l IM202206

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BioComb Mould Cleaner

Kills mould and the microbial growth on all types of material.

1 l IM202208
5 l IM202209

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BioComb Lichen Cleaner

Cleans the surface from algae, mould and lichen. For both indoor and out door use.

1 l IM202211

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BioComb Terrace Cleaner

Cleans decking and terraces from algae.

1 l IM202105
5 l IM202106
350g IM202107

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BioComb Pre Paint Cleaner

Efficiently cleans painted surfaces and removes dirt.

1 l IM202102
5 l IM202152

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BioComb Pre Paint Cleaner Pro-M

A product for professional users. Gives a long-term protection against microbial growth.

1 l IM202200
5 l IM202201

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BioComb Awing Cleaner

Efficiently kills microbial growth on all types of outdoor fabrics.

1 l IM202212

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BioComb Stone Protection

Stone Protection efficiently impregnate surfaces such as stone, concrete, masonry and plaster.

5 l IM202500/IM202501/IM202502

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BioComb Water Block

Protects wood from blue stain, rot and moulding. Removes algae and lichen.

5 l IM30000

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BioComb Alage Cleaner

Kills and cleans surfaces contaminated by microorganisms and algae.

1 l IM202100
5 l IM202150

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BioComb Facade Cleaning

Removes dirt and fouling on all types of facades, outdoor furniture and fences.

1 l IM202101

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BioComb Mineral Block

A unique product that makes roofing and facades completely moister-repellant

1 l BC360040
5 l BC360037
25 l BC360038

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BioComb Odour Agent

BioComb Odour Agent is a product who removes odour's quickly and efficiently.

500 ml Citrus scent BC360035
500 ml Neutral scent BC360035

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BioComb Wood Protection

Wood Protection is designed to protect and make stone material moister-repellent.

1 l BC360043
5 l BC360044
25 l BC360045

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BioComb Composite Care

Composite Care is specially formulated to remove dirt and clean composite materials.

1 l BC360042
5 l BC360041

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BioComb Power Wash

Power Wash is designed to efficiently maintain and clean dirt at buildings.

5 l BC170015
25 l BC170025

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