BioComb Wood Protection

BioComb Wood Protection is designed to protect and make wood material moister-repellent. The product also prevents swelling and the growth of microorganisms.

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Wood Protection is water based and environmentally friendly. Since the product is based on nanotechnology we've achieved a unbeatable protection against moisture and water.

The product gives a protection that lasts approximately 10 years.

One litre covers approx. 20 square metres when it comes to non-absorbent materials. If the material is absorbent one litre covers approx.. 10 square metres.
BioComb Wood Protection can be applied using a range of different methods. Apply with a brush for home use. For industrial use spraying/dipping is the most effective method.

The product is non-corrosive and do not oxidise.

Don't apply BioComb Wood Protection at wet surface.

pH. 6,0 – 8,0 (7,0 = neutral reaction)

BioComb Wood Protection is removed from tools, gloves and clothes using soap and water. Non-absorbent surfaces, such as tile or painted surfaces, are rinsed clean with water. 1 l BC360043 5 l BC360044 25 l BC360045